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      This is a enterprise with many years of production experience and perfect management system of the furniture manu&cturers.
      From product design to furniture and development,production and packaging, with complete productionline$. This company are famous for their elegant design,unique style, beautiful and practical, in addition to the use ofadvanced science and technology, human ** engineering more using natural high quality materials, with high qualityproduction and processing of many series of fiirniture. After years of struggle and,as always, strict quality management,strives for perfection the spirit, in the fierce furniture market has a place, and continue to grow stronger. In the face of customers, we firmly believe that, do a good job in every product is the biggest reward for the customer support. Based
      on now, looking to the future, we will continue to support the enterprise customers to provide detailed and thoughtful service,Excellent quality products, and lead to international.

      • 聯系方式
      • 地址:江蘇省蘇州市常熟市辛莊呂舍開發區
      • 手機:13913105668 13706205111 18862142153
      • 傳真:0512-52211939
      • 郵箱:185384535@qq.com
      • 網址:www.sunsarioverseas.com
      • 全國服務熱線
        National Service Hotline
      • 400-621-5668
        • 官方天貓店
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